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Quick Lane Q & A
How will I know when I'm due for new brakes?
Your Owner's Guide outlines brake service and replacement guidelines
Climbing, towing, stop-and-go traffic could require brake replacement/service more often
Warning signs: screeching, grinding, grabbing, pulling, pulsation, faulty response
What does leaking brake fluid mean?
Brake fluid is crucial to effective stopping and safety and should be regularly checked
If brake fluid needs topping up, a leak should be suspected, investigated and repaired as required
If there are leaks, visit Quick Lane right away to avoid major damage or safety issues
Why do I need regular brake maintenance?
Your vehicle's braking system is essential to the overall safety of your vehicle
Brakes are a normal wear item on your vehicle- eventually they will require replacement for both performance and safety reasons
Regular brake inspections are the best way to ensure safe and reliable braking
Are my tires due for an inspection?
Tire inspections help identify tire damage and unusual wear
Tire inspections must be performed regularly to ensure they're operating in a good, safe condition
Do my tires need to be rotated?
Tire rotation helps reduce premature tire wear to prolong the life of your tires
Tires should be rotated approximately every 10,000km (about twice a year)
Does my tire pressure meet the manufacturer's recommended guidelines?
Each manufacturer has specific tire pressure requirements for their vehicles
Have your tire pressure checked regularly; especially during temperature changes - for every 5 degree Celsius change, your tire pressure can change from 1 to 2 psi!
Proper inflation maximizes fuel efficiency and helps avoid uneven wear of all tires - driving with tires under-inflated by 20% can increase fuel consumption by up to 4%, costing you extra fuel!
When am I due for a new battery?
In general, batteries start to fail at three years
Extreme heat, cold temperatures and lack of regular maintenance can accelerate wear
Regular battery inspections can help identify the need for replacement
Why does my vehicle have a hard time starting?
Hard starting, slow cranking and problems with the electrical system are signs of failure
Visual inspections can detect corroded cables and terminal damage
What are the benefits of regular oil and filter changes?
Oil filters protect the engine by screening out harmful abrasives that can damage engine parts and reduce performance - regular filter changes keep your filters performing well
Oil lubricates the engine to keep it functioning properly - regular oil changes help reduce wear and maximize fuel efficiency
When should I have my oil and filters changed?
Your Owner's Guide outlines oil and filter replacement guidelines
Your vehicle may be equipped with an oil minder system, which will alert you
How can I bring back my vehicle's 'new ride feel'?
Replacing worn shocks or struts can provide better control and handling, improve braking performance, prevent premature tire wear and optimize gas mileage
Shocks and struts can lose their 'new ride feel' after a few years - have them inspected at each service to check for wear
Am I due for new wiper blades?
Wiper blades are a safety item and wear out. They should be replaced at least once a year, but twice a year or seasonally is best
Why are my wiper blades chattering, streaking and hazy?
All of these symptoms can signify the need for replacement of the wiper blade, arm, or even a cleaning
Regular inspection can detect when it's time for replacement
The Power to Get You Started
Your vehicle's battery supplies the power to start your vehicle, and run your electrical components. A properly functioning battery is indispensible to the operation of your vehicle.

All batteries eventually need replacing due to age, however, certain conditions like extreme heat, cold temperatures or lack of regular maintenance can accelerate battery wear.

Warning Signs
Talk to your Quick Lane advisor and have your battery inspected immediately if you are experiencing:
Recurring problems with your electrical system
Hard starting, slow cranking
Battery cables that are corroded or in poor condition
A worn alternator/ drive belt
Worn or damaged container or terminals
Don't let your battery leave you stranded! It's easy to miss the signs of a failing battery. Regularly testing can help you avoid a surprise breakdown. Ask your Quick Lane advisor to perform a battery test at your next service visit.

We'll Help Keep You on the Road
At Quick Lane, we know you rely on your vehicle's performance - in good conditions and bad. That's why it's important to ask for a battery inspection. We'll perform a visual inspection of the battery and connections, checking for damage, loose cables, leaks and signs of wear.

We'll also use an electronic tester to analyze your battery's performance and show you the results for your peace of mind

Regardless of your test results, if your vehicle's battery is five years old or more, you might think about replacing your battery to ensure continued performance.
Summer heat and winter cold are a battery's worst enemies
Excessive heat causes fluid to evaporate, potentially damaging the internal structure or the battery. However, this summer damage may not affect your vehicle until you try to start it on a cold winter day.
Should you require a replacement, choose only long-lasting Motorcraft batteries- designed to provide dependable power in a wide range of conditions. Combine that with peace-of-mind limited warranty protection, and you can drive away knowing your battery will go the distance, you have our word on it!

Choose the Power of Motorcraft
Quick Lane features a wide range of premium quality Motorcraft batteries to fit most makes and models, with true dependability and powerful limited warranty coverage- all at a competitive price. Motorcraft batteries are manufactured using the highest quality standards and the latest technology in design and engineering.

Talk to your Quick Lane Advisor about these powerful Motorcraft batteries:

Our premium -quality battery designed for best fit and function
Long-life design provides superior performance over conventional designs in high heat conditions
State-of-the-art technology enhances battery longevity and reduces charging time 100 month warranty coverage**
36 month free replacement (part is pro-rated after this period)
Unlimited distance
Labour and towing coverage for the entire warranty period on Quick Lane installed batteries (where the battery is at fault for the breakdown)

Value-priced power
Heat-resistant construction helps increase battery life and ensures longer cycle life
Fits a wide variety of vehicle applications 84 month warranty coverage**
18 months free replacement (part is pro-rated after this period)
unlimited distance
Labour and towing coverage for the entire warranty period on Quick Lane installed batteries (where the battery is at fault for the breakdown)

**Some limitations apply. Warranty coverage may differ of fleet and commercial vehicles. Ask your Quick Lane advisor for complete details
A Smooth, Safe Ride
Vehicle safety depends on the interaction of your tires, brakes and suspension components. Your ability to steer and brake depends on having firm contact between your tires and the road. That contact can be compromised when a suspension part isn't functioning properly.

The main components of your suspension system, including springs, ball joints, shock absorbers and / or struts, help you control your vehicle by absorbing bounces and bumps to keep your tires on the road.

Warning Signs:
Talk to your Quick Lane advisor and have your suspension inspected immediately if you're experiencing:
Reduced vehicle control and / or braking performance
Excessive tire bounce
Noise and suspension vibration
Your vehicle leaning and swaying on turns
Premature or uneven tire wear

Choose the Right Parts
Motorcraft suspension parts are manufactured to stringent engineering specifications. These parts incorporate the latest technology and materials - you can be certain that powerful Motorcraft parts are built to perform and made to last.

Shocks and Struts
Shock absorbers stroke an average of 1,000 times for every kilometre travelled, so it's easy to see how shocks and/or struts can begin to lose that 'new ride feel' after a few years of driving. By replacing worn shocks and/or struts you can help prevent wear on other suspension components, avoid premature tire wear, improve vehicle handling and help eliminate 'nose diving' when braking.

A full line-up of Motorcraft shocks and struts are available for excellent stability and control, and include heavy-duty gas-charged, and electric adjustable shocks (for select vehicles), as well as premium quality strut assemblies.

Over time, shocks and struts deteriorate and lose their ability to perform. Because performance decreases gradually, be sure to have them inspected on a regular basis.

Springs support the weight of the vehicle and allow the suspension system to move and adapt to changes in the road. Worn springs can cause accelerated tire wear, poor handling and premature wear of other suspension and steering parts.

Ball Joints
Ball joints are used on the front end of most cars and light trucks, and serve as the pivot points between the tires and suspension. Replacing worn ball joints helps prevent uneven tire wear, wandering and erratic steering.

Choose Quick Lane Tire & Auto Centre

Your driving safety is important. If you notice a problem with your suspension, you should take your vehicle to Quick Lane. We'll inspect your vehicle and record the results for you on a Vehicle Report Card. When it's time for a suspension part replacement, we offer a full line-up of Motorcraft parts installed while you wait by our friendly, knowledgeable Quick Lane team.